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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

NORTHRIDGE, CA – The number of teens and adults vaping this year has increased dramatically. Causing for not only a high number of vape shops in every corner but also the death of many users.

Vaping360 / Flickr

Many smokers now a days have replaced a cigarette with a simple vape pen. Vaping is said to help the addiction of cigarettes smokers.

Though vaping has helped smokers, they are now suffering from health conditions such as hard-metal lung disease and chemical burns in the lung tissue. Health officials say about 1,300 smokers across the U.S. have experienced a serious vaping health condition since March.

Vape Shop Employee Jimmy Kailil says anything can become addicting it is just a matter of how you limit yourself to it in order to prevent putting yourself at risk.

“You need to understand the risk factors that come with vaping and you know how much nicotine your body is able to tolerate” says Kailil.

The amount of nicotine consumed is up to the user’s choice, but the CDC still considers it a critical issue and hopes to take the correct steps to prevent additional cases. Deputy director, Dr. Anne Schuchat, says they are not seeing a drop in new cases but instead more people have been hospitalized with lung issues.

Northridge resident, Blanca Fernandez says just as anything else vaping is bad for you, but it is still being sold, meaning that the decision is ultimately in the user’s hands.

“It’s like drugs and alcohol you know they are bad for you, but they still sell it so it’s really up to the person whether they decide to do it or not” says Fernandez.

Like Fernandez, Northridge resident, Ivan Bravo agrees that vaping is bad for one’s health and can become addicting he recommends for users to find better alternatives.

“Vaping can really damage the humans and to me I personally don’t do it, I’m more into the sports and athletics kind of style” says Bravo.

Unlike many others who agree that vaping is bad, others agree that it is a better alternative for those who are trying to quit smoking. An editorial published in the Journal says banning these tools may push smokers to continue buying cigarettes and never quit smoking.

Arguing that vaping has no effect on one’s condition and is safer to use than smoking regular cigarettes. Since according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 480, 000 Americans die from smoking every year.

Up to date the long-term effect of vaping on one’s health still remains unknown.

By, Itayetzi Angeles

With Contributions, NBC News, Newsweek, Window to the World

Photo, Vaping360 / Flickr

Video, Valley View News


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