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Atlantic Coast Conference: A Mother & Referee

By Giovanni Galvez

WEST COVINA, CA - For Karina Tovar, being the first Latina Division One college referee for the ACC is an accomplishment. Through September and November, Tovar spent her Thursday and Friday nights flying to the East coast. When she comes back to Los Angeles on Sundays, she switches from being in the field to being a mom.

Photo Credit: Giovanni Galvez, Tovar on the field

Her career required sacrifices of leaving her role as a mother at times. Her twin sons, Isaac and Isaiah Del Cid said they understand she's working, waiting for her return on a Sunday night.

“You miss your family; you miss your kids," said Tovar. "My husband and I know we’re grown enough to know ‘Babe, I’ll see you on Sunday.’ I think it's hard for the kids, knowing that your kids miss you.”

On her free days, she's like any other mother: dropping and picking up her kids from school, taking them to practice, and spending time with them. For Isaac, he said it's the little things he loves.

“When she gives me a hug after school and sometimes, she plays with me,” said Isaac.

Tovar said having a strong support system makes long trips easier. While she's gone, Tovar’s husband, Randy Del Cid, takes care of the boys. He said he's proud of Tovar.

“What she’s doing is great, it’s a good time for her to come up, she’s really good,” said Randy Del Cid.

They gather every weekend in front of the TV to watch their mother work. Sometimes Tovar's parents step in as Randy Del Cid has to work.

“Yeah, especially on Thursday mornings I’m always getting their bags ready to spend the night with grandpa and grandma," said Tovar. "You know my parents are great, and they are willing to come to pick up the twins from school and watch them all day until my husband gets out of work."

Tovar said she'll continue refereeing at the highest level. She hoped to one day referee for the NFL.

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By: Giovanni Galvez


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