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Business in Fashion (Guess)

Updated: May 23, 2019

NORTHRIDGE, CA - Many fashion brands have to deal with many factors such as sales, advertisements, and public opinion to stay relevant. However, this wouldn’t be possible without a powerful team behind a successful brand. These employees are often overlooked and are responsible for the glitz and glam in the fashion industry.

Credit: Racked, Christina Arredondo is a marketing director at Guess.

With the fashion industry constantly evolving with news brands and styles being created daily. American fashion brand Guess has still remained iconic over the years. But this wouldn’t be possible without the hard workers of the well-known company.

“We are always trying to make the customer experience better,” said Christina Arredondo, a marketing director at Guess. “How to improve their experience as well as trying to meet our very own sales goals that we have, but we try to cater a lot to our customers.”

The company has remained in the spotlight over the years because of some of its ads. This is one of the main tactics used to keep loyal customers interested in the in the brand. Guess is known for teaming up with celebrities to create new collections and pop up shops.

"It makes you want to go out

and buy pieces from the brand.”

Clothing brands are always trying to aim for a sale. In order for this to happen they have to gain the attention of the shoppers. This is where celebrities come into play for the fashion labels. It’s all about bandwagoning in today’s society and if you have a popular celebrity endorsing your product. Then your sales will increase because they’re fan base will feel the urge to go and purchase the merchandise. The tactic is called brand awareness and its when a company uses a celebrity to gain them instant publicity.

"If you see a picture of Anna Nicole Smith and all of the other models that we had it makes you interested,” said Christina Arredondo. “When you see people that you’re interested in and they star in ads for Guess. It makes you want to go out and buy pieces from the brand.”

One of the goals in the fashion industry today is to appeal to the younger audience. It's all about getting the approval from the millenials. Clothing brands are targeting consumers 25 and younger to reach there sales. It's not really a gender thing but a lot more guys are into shopping just like women.

“The launch of new divisions, for example we have G by Guess,” said Christina Arredondo. “That is mostly for teenagers whereas Guess is for anyone who is 30 and younger. We typically cater to different age groups.”

As you can see there’s a lot that goes into the fashion industry than just nice clothing. You have to endorse celebrities, keep up to date with the new trends, and most importantly have an amazing team of workers.

By, Jamontae Hickman

Contributions by, Forbes, Money Control, The Economic Times

Photo, Racked

Video, Guess


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