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Barbershops Continue Operations With COVID-19 Restrictions

ARELTA, CA - Amid the coronavirus pandemic, barbershops and hair salons were forced to shut down across the country. In most states, including California, some barbershops and salons were eventually allowed to resume services one month after the start of the pandemic.

Photo, Amanda Alvarado

Christian Camacho regularly went to his friend’s house to get a haircut even though his friend lives out of town. But now, Camacho decided to go to the Supreme Barber Shop in Arleta. It had been a few months since he last went to a barbershop. Ultimately, Camacho was satisfied with his haircut, especially considering how tough it’s been to get one in the past.

Ady Palacios, a barber at Supreme Barber Shop, believes it’s safe cutting hair during the pandemic.

“We are always sanitizing. The 1,600 hours that we do in school, it's all about sanitation, it's all about being clean,” said Palacios.

Although Palacios thinks it’s safe at work, it’s challenging to make sure her customers believe it’s safe too. She takes about eight to ten clients a day for about an hour each. She said she always makes sure to sanitizes her supplies after cutting the hair of each customer.

Maintaining a stable clientele since the pandemic started has been difficult for Palacios.

Most salons in California have resumed services with a limited capacity of 25 percent. Shops must still meet the physical distancing guidelines between employees and customers. Even though states make the rules, it’s up to salons to enforce those rules.

Video, Amanda Alvarado

By Amanda Alvarado

Photo, Amanda Alvarado

Video, Amanda Alvarado


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