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California Earthquake Preparedness

By Isabella Warren

NORTHRIDGE, CA - Earthquakes are a common phenomenon for Californians. But when one hits, will you know what to do? It’s been a question on our minds for a while, when will the so-called “Big One” hit?

Photo Credit: Isabella Warren, Margaret Vince shows seismic diagram at CalTech

CalTech in Pasadena has educated Californians for years on how to stay prepared. Margaret Vince, a media correspondent for the university, says banking statements, marriage licenses, and social security are some of the most important things to bring during an evacuation. She says, “You need to make sure you can start your life again after an earthquake.”

Many different factors go into the state's earthquake safety. Building codes, practice drills, and seismology studies; but one thing Californians do not think about is earthquake insurance.

Experts say only 13% of homeowners in our state have it. The California Earthquake Authority says it's because people don’t think it's necessary and costs too much. The agency has been providing residents with earthquake insurance plans since the 1994 Northridge quake.

California has also been establishing building codes in preparation for earthquakes since 1925. In light of the deadly 7.8 quakes in Turkey, some might be fearing that our buildings might get destroyed too. Dr. Tadeh Zirakian, a professor at California State University Northridge says he is certain that California will not see the same circumstances.

He says there are multiple factors that set us apart from other countries like, “being a first-world country and not having corruption in the construction field." Dr. Zirakian says, "We are more than protected from an earthquake.”

Isabella Warren video report

By Isabella Warren

Contributions: CalTech, California Earthquake Authority, CSUN

Photo: Isabella Warren

Video: Isabella Warren, CNN


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