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California Wildfire Smoke Reaches New York

BROOKLYN, NY - New York City is hazy once again. But this time, it’s not only from the cars and pollution. Currently, fires are burning all across the state of California. Smoke from there is appearing in the big apple. Three major reasons scientific factors come into play as to why this is occurring.

A red sun hangs in the hazy afternoon sky. Image courtesy NY1 Meteorologist Erick Adame.

"It's the amount of smoke, the ejection height and then the weather pattern." - NASA Scientist Robert Field.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened this year. In July, Smoke from Western Canadian forest fires filled the city. The smoke that time filled the lungs of civilians, making it difficult to even go outside.

"I remember just feeling like all this smoke is going into my lungs." - Columbia Student Ryan

Despite what the skies are looking like in recent days, there isn't much to worry about with it not being a threat to people's health.

“It's a minor factor compared to like vehicle exhaust or other urban sources of pollution." - NASA Scientist Robert Field

Great amounts of pollutants are intruding the air. Carbon Monoxide was reported to be ten times above normal at higher altitudes according to satellite readings

As climate change gets worse and worse around the country and the world, what are can be expected from here on out? Likely there’ll be more smoke from raging California fires, and smokier skies on the East Coast. Maybe in the future, it will cause health issues.

Video Credit: NBC New York

Video Credit:

Milo Burris-Coulter

By Milo Burris-Coulter

With Contributions from

The Los Angeles Times

Video - Milo Burris-Coulter, NBC New York

Photo - Erick Adame, Dunkin' Donuts


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