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Catalytic Converter Thefts on the Rise

By Andrea Gonzalez

LOS ANGELES, CA - There is a crisis of catalytic converter thefts in Los Angeles county. The converters are one of the most expensive parts of a car and officials say so far this year robberies have not been slowing down.

Photo Credit: Andrea Gonzalez, catalytic converter parts.

Statistics from State Farm insurance company show that starting from June of 2022 catalytic converter thefts grew 109 percent in a 12 month period. More than 43,219 of the parts were reported stolen.

“Basically it is a component of the engine," said Auto mechanic Patrick Scetachitt. It works with the emission system within internal combustion engines and it reduces certain gasses that pollute. The catalytic converter filters dangerous gasses into safer, cleaner gasses.

Victim Byron Fuentes said, “You know at first I felt upset. Of course when they vandalize the car, your property is at stake and also your ego, you know, it comes out and you start getting angry and try to find a reason why these people do what they do.”

Andrea Gonzalez video report

Andrea Gonzalez audio report

By: Andrea Gonzalez

Contributions: State Farm Photo: Andrea Gonzalez Photo : Datawrapper Audio: Andrea Gonzalez

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