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Closing the Camps?

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Immigration Justice Committee and 46 organizations are tired of the constant raids, the family separation, the deportations of immigrants. They came together in front of the City Hall raise their voice and demand change. The organizations and the committee don't want to depend on other parties to do something or set forth new policies.

Photo Credit, Common Dreams

Under President Trump’s policy, immigration and enforcement agents are required to deport undocumented immigrants. Before deportation, most are held in deportation camps.

Trump's immigration policy was put in place to ensure that asylum cases were processed more efficiently. Trumps says immigrants who want to become citizens should apply through the proper channels. He also says a more modern legal immigration process would protect American workers.

A Council in American Islamic Relations Manager, Fayaz Nawabi, thinks Trump's policy is too harsh.

“We believe it is imperative that these detention centers are shut down,” said Nawabi.

The protesters want to break the notion that their only solution is to rely on the Democratic and Republican parties. A member of the Revolutionary Internationalists Organization, Maeve Campbell, says the mobilization of the working class is the answer to ending these deportations.

“We have an understanding that the only way to fight these racist deportations is through the mobilization of the entire working class because the working class has the power to shut down capitalist profits and demand that we defend immigrants,” said Campbell

Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill named SB-32. The law demands for detention facilities in California to be shut down. During the protest, participants lied down on the floor to show the many deaths occurring since President Donald Trump took office.

The participating organizations believe no human being is illegal in this country. Rather people should meet immigrants with friendship. Another protester, Lisa Salvary says people need to think more before taking action in any matter.

“We have to think about the fall out that's happening and the detention camps are just part of the bigger problem, bigger issue,” said Salvary.

Protestors remain hopeful that in the 2020 elections a presidential candidate will take action in ending the deportation of immigrants.

By, Elaina Tovar

Contributions by, CBS News

Photo by, Common Dreams

Video by, Guardian News


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