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COVID Baseball Restrictions

By Dominique Silva

BURBANK, CA – The city of Burbank has re-started its parks and recreation softball leagues after being shut down for the pandemic. Everyone is hoping another COVID 19 surge does not close everything down again. Umpire Benjamin McCully said he is hoping for the best.

“I mean we just went through something in January where we were shut down for a couple of weeks and so I’m not nervous about it anymore because we already went through it and hoping it stays now,” McCully said.

Photo Credit: Dominique Silva

There are currently no restrictions for individuals joining or playing in the Burbank league. Both masks and vaccination requirements are not enforced because the sport is played outdoors.

Many fans and players said they are happy to be back on the fields and in the stands. Softball manager and player for the B-Team Alec Savaadra said he needed the change in scenery.

“Going back out, feeling a little bit normal without the masks too,” he said. “Everyone’s out in the open so it’s a little more safe.”

COVID 19 surged to 8.76 million cases nationwide. Los Angeles County accounts for nearly three million of those cases. The county still enforces strict mask rules by mandating them in restaurants, medical buildings, grocery stores and many similar locations.

Many softball players including Savvedra said they are not scared of COVID 19 shutting down the league again.

“I just don’t want it to happen anymore. I’m vaccinated and got the booster, so I feel pretty good, safe about it,” Savvedra said.

It is unclear if the softball league will continue to operate without any restrictions. The Burbank city website shows that all recreation teams and activities are currently open for registration, but some may have to adjust rules to fit indoor COVID 19 requirements.

Photo Credit: Dominique Silva

Video Credit: Dominique Silva

Video Credit: TheBurbankChannel

By Dominique Silva

Contributions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and The City of Burbank

Photo: Dominique Silva

Video: Dominique Silva, TheBurbankChannel


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