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CSUN Men's Volleyball Mental Health

Updated: May 22, 2022

By Brenna White

NORTHRIDGE, CA - There are only a few games left for the California State University, Northridge Men's Volleyball team but after starting off the season on a high, they went on a seven-game losing streak recently. CSUN Volleyball player Olumide Allen says that the most important thing is having good team chemistry.

“One thing that we really preach in practice and in games and stuff is worry about yourself, but also be there for brother, be there for your teammate, you know.”

Photo credit: Brenna White

Although these players encourage each other, even in hard times, how does this affect them mentally?

Players can develop things such as the "yips" which can cause them to not perform to their abilities. The yips is an "unexplained loss of the ability to execute certain skills in experienced athletes." However, it can be remedied by a sports psychologist or some kind of therapy.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Arolyn Burns says she has coaches reach out to her directly when athletes need help. Then she does whatever she can to get them back to performing at the same level.

Burns also says it is crucial for players to support each other. "We want to focus on the positives, so ‘hit that ball over the net, high five, you did great, you hit that over the net. Your serve was so powerful, right?’ We want to be doing that encouragement."

After dealing with this losing streak the CSUN Matadors finally won against UC San Diego but they still haven’t been able to achieve a winning record. CSUN Volleyball Player Kyle Hobus says he is still very confident in his team. “One of the lessons we’ve really pushed this year is just pushing past adversity and these losses and stuff because we know that as a team, we can compete with these top 10 teams and top 15 teams.”

However, once they finally won against UC San Diego, they went back on a four-game losing streak.

No matter what happens this season, the CSUN Men’s Volleyball team says they are looking toward the Big West Tournament, which begins for the Matadors on April 21.

Video credit: Brenna White

Video credit: Volleyball Watchdog

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By Brenna White

With contributions from Wikipedia and

Photo: Brenna White

Video: Brenna White, Volleyball Watchdog

Audio: Brenna White


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