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Earth Day Market

By Bianca Sanchez

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – The Conscious Market Co-Op’s weekly vendor market fell on Earth Day this year. Shoppers found sustainable clothes, shoes, vintage wear and zero waste products at the market. Organizer Linzey Davidson said it features sustainable brands all day.

“It’s a co-op if you don’t know what that is look it up. It’s a Conscious Market Co-Op, it’s the local thing here in LA.” Davidson said.

Photo credit: Bianca Sanchez

Everything at the Conscious Market is eco-friendly in order to make sustainable shopping easier. Kira Cahill is the creator of Bold Box which is an eco-friendly subscription box. The box contains items for personal care, wellness and the home.

“It is filled with eight through ten full sized products that are just meant to make eco living as simple as possible,” Cahill said.

The designer here encourage people to shop eco-friendly since these products have a less negative impact on the environment.

Many of the booth owners said their products are high quality and will last you longer. CeCe Chin has a shoe collection called Babos, that is made from salvaged leather.

“I find very cool pieces of leather from deadstock inventories” she said. “I am able to compile the collections and create a nice array of shoes.”

The Conscious Market Co-Op is open every Saturday in West Hollywood from 11:00am to -5:00pm.

Video credit: Bianca Sanchez

By Bianca Sanchez

Contributions from Conscious Market Co-Op

Photo Credit: Bianca Sanchez

Video Credit: Bianca Sanchez


Bold Box


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

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