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Electric Vehicle Car Show

NORTHRIDGE, CA - Automakers Electra Meccanica, Porsche, and electric vehicle charging company Chargie showed up at the Electric Vehicle Car Show at CSUN’s Sustainability Department and the College of Social and Behavioral

Science. The show was about the importance of electric vehicles and how they are good for the environment.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Electra Meccanica’s Hans Heilmann said, “The average working person is going to be spending more of their paycheck just to get to work. With an electric vehicle not only are you reducing smog, emissions, and you are saving the environment by not having as much CO2.”

Congress approved $7.5 billion last year for EV charging stations. Zach Jennings, the CEO of Chargie, a company that sells EV chargers to businesses, schools, and apartment complexes said he believes the transition from gas to electric needs to be made sooner.

He said, “People have this misconception that EV’s are difficult or it’s hard to have the range to go and have a normal driving experience. But if you have the infrastructure in place and you do have a vehicle that’s the equivalent price of a gas vehicle and with all the benefits of an EV. Then it becomes an easier transition.”

Companies like Porsche which manufactures gas vehicles have also joined the EV scene by releasing their first all-electric car, the Porsche Taycan.

Scott Stanley the general manager of Porsche Woodland Hills said he sees more demand for EV’s. “The community was wanting the vehicles, the demographics were there, I mean we’ve had a wide variety of people coming into Porsche, people getting their first Porsche being an electric car and some people even their first electric car.”

As gas prices rise in California, so are the sales of electric vehicles. Under a new rule proposed by the California Air Resources Board, the state will require 35% of new passenger vehicles sold by 2026 to be powered by batteries or hydrogen. California is looking to ban the manufacturing of gas vehicles by the year 2035.

Video credit: Elizabeth Campos

Video credit: SciShow

Audio credit: Elizabeth Campos

By Elizabeth Campos

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Elizabeth Campos, SciShow

Audio: Elizabeth Campos


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