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Footgolf Allows People to Play Outside Safely

SAN DIEGO, CA - Footgolf is a unique sport that combines soccer and golf. With this being an outdoor sport, it allows people to enjoy interactions with others while following CDC COVID-19 safety regulations.

Photo, I’Yonna Applon-Kettles

Footgolf was created in the Netherlands by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten in 2008. They hosted the first footgolf tournament, designed uniforms and established the original rules that have been used ever since.

The sport requires athletes to think like a golfer but have the skills of a soccer player. Like golf, a player tees off and tries to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Instead of using a club to hit a golf ball, players, of course, kick a soccer ball.

Ariel Fajerman is the Chief Birdie Officer for the organization Footgolf San Diego. He says people are attracted to this sport during the pandemic.

“It is one of the few things you can do outside and have social distance,” said Fajerman.

Footgolf is easy to learn and accessible for all ages, making it an ideal activity for children to play. Monique Konovalov is a mother of two boys. She says she has struggled finding things to do with them, especially on their birthdays.

“I was researching golf because I figured we needed something outdoors and I just happened to stumble upon footgolf and I looked it up and it sounded perfect,” said Konovalov.

This sport is not common, but it is a way to get out and interact with people safely. It is also a good way to get in some exercise. Ethan Monzon spent his birthday playing Footgolf and says more people should play, “I think it’d be fun mixing soccer and golf together.”

Its supporters say Footgolf is a growing sport that can be enjoyed by everyone safely. For more information, call your local golf course to see if Footgolf is available.

Video, I'yonna Applon-Kettles

By, I’Yonna Applon-Kettles

Photo, I’Yonna Applon-Kettles

Video, I’Yonna Applon-Kettles


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