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Free Palestine Rally

By Noe Ortega

LOS ANGELES, CA - Protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted in front of the Israeli Consulate last week in Los Angeles. They want to end the violence between Israel and Palestinians before the situation worsens.

Photo credit: Noe Ortega

Not everyone supported the protestors. Some passing cars with shouting passengers and honking horns were supporters of Israel. Some waived the Israeli flag and even confronted the protesters.

Pro-Israel Protestor, Elon Abi said that he didn't go to start a fight. He joined the protest to voice his opinion on the growing conflict.

“They’re pretty much actively calling for a genocide. They’re saying that they want all of it. From the river to the sea. They don’t want a two state. They don’t want peace and we’re here to at least engage in dialogue with them,” Abi said.

When the protest got rowdy Police separated both sides before things got too far out of hand. Some people went across the street to protest.

Amy Benyoucef who is Palestinian said of the people protesting against them, “it’s kind of the same thing as like showing support for Nazi’s. It’s like being a Nazi and opposing a Black Lives Matter protest.”

The Protestors demand that Israel be sanctioned similar sanctions placed against Russia after it invaded Ukraine. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict started in 1948 when Israel got its independence.

Video credit: Noe Ortega

Video credit: NBC News

Audio credit: Noe Ortega

By Noe Ortega

Audio Credit: Noe Ortega

Photo Credit: Noe Ortega

Video Credit: NBC News, Noe Ortega


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