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Gems in Recycling

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

NORTHRIDGE, CA --- Recycling has become a huge topic of conversation in the last couple of years. Many residents of inner cities are now finding the hidden gems of recycling and the benefits it has.


It’s a method people are using for a purpose. Cashier at MOB recycling center Jesus Ruiz , says half of the people that recycle do it for environmental reasons, but the majority does it for the money.

“They want to help the earth but a lot of them do it to get money so they can pay bills or do other stuff” Ruiz said.

Mark Johnson has been recycling for twenty years now he says he use to give his recyclables to his neighbors until he found out the prosperity recycling had.

“As hard as it is to make it now a days you need every penny, girl you can’t just throw it away” Johnson said.

A side hustle that has many dropping off loads of plastics and cans. Recycler Albert Mendez says he been recycling since 2010.

Mendez fills many recycling containers he says, his family and himself started recycling after they became more educated on keeping the earth clean.

“It’s kind of more of a side thing like a hobby I guess just because when we have parties and stuff, we just collect so we can get some type of profit out it” Mendez said.

Recycler Maria Gonzalez says she’s been recycling for six years she goes to the recycling center once a month she says people who recycle benefit a lot from it.

“Yes, that’s what I use it for to buy the stuff we need for the home also I don’t throw it away in the streets because it’s not good for the environment” Gonzalez said.

From the moment we got here people have been coming in and out of this center dropping off bags filled with cans just like this one all to make the extra cash.

By, Karissa Preciado

Contribution by, Karissa Preciado



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