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Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Adjust Services to Limited Contact

GLENDALE, CA - The Glendale Library Arts & Culture System (GLAC) started offering new services and virtual programs despite the building being closed to the public due to COVID-19.

Photo, City of Glendale

The library launched a new website to provide information about their curbside pickup services. GLAC Library Supervisor David Zearbaugh says the site is a little more intuitive and updated with more information for its users.

Melissa Wike, a GLAC library assistant, has been working there for 16 years. She has seen the pandemic force the library to transition nearly everything online.

Wike is also a co-host for a new virtual video talk show program called Teen Glendale Empowerment Now Talks (G.E.N). G.E.N. Talks was created after an annual event, Teen G.E.N. Fair, held for the first-time last year. Like other in person activites, the event was canceled this year due the coronavirus. Teen G.E.N. Talks focuses on teen interest by connecting with others in the Glendale community.

“We went to Glendale high schools and like they kept saying they didn't feel part of the community and we just wanted to somehow incorporate them being part of the community with the library,'' said Wike.

New episodes of Teen G.E.N. Talks are posted every Friday. Wike says she sees potential growth for the video podcast. Her goal is to post up to two times a week and eventually get more teens in the community involved with the show. As of now, volunteer opportunities are available for teens to earn community service hours. Community service hours vary based on what tasks are assigned or chosen.

Cynthia Almaguer is a GLAC library card holder who has not used any library services since the start of the pandemic. Curious to learn how the new online services work, Almaguer says she supports the new initiatives behind virtual programs.

“I think we need a lot of younger people to get the word out on positive things especially during this time,” said Almaguer.

Despite COVID-19, both physical and digital library resources are still in high demand. GLAC now offers contactless curbside pickup at their Glendale Central Library location. Their goal is to continue to offer access to their physical collection in a manner that is safe and in compliance with County of Los Angeles Health Orders.

Items can be checked out for up to nine weeks via curbside pickup. The library has book drop boxes to return materials and avoid extra contact with staff. All returned materials will be isolated for seven days to ensure the safety of customers and staff. While the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from library materials is very low, library staff are taking a variety of precautions to ensure everyone's safety. For more information regarding curbside pickup visit

Video, Amanda Alvarado

By Amanda Alvarado

Photo, Amanda Alvarado

Video, Amanda Alvarado


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