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Inglewood Stadium Worries Local Entrepreneurs

INGLEWOOD, CA - Residents and small business owners from the City of Champions are feeling defeated as the Ram’s stadium is being built in front of them. Local stores such as The Wood Class have been impacted by this huge project. Jesus Gonzalez, the owner of the store, says he fears he’ll have to relocate soon.

Grisel Martin

My lease used to be twelve hundred and now I pay thirty-four hundred. The price just keeps going up, I’m probably going to move and I think they might even sell this whole property too” said, Gonzalez.

Uplift Inglewood Coalition, an organization fighting for local tenants rights since 2015, recently tried to stop the construction of the Clippers arena, arguing the land should go to affordable housing instead. A judge ruled against the group earlier this month, but Uplift has pledged to appeal.

Rent has doubled for some in a matter of months and they’re unable to afford it. Because of this, they’re forced to leave the place they’ve called home for many years. Although residents tried to put a stop to this project they weren’t successful. Inglewood is also expected to have a Clippers arena in 2024.

Gonzalez plans to turn his store into an online only store if he’s unable to find another area to lease at a reasonable price.

By, Grisel Martin-Leal

With contribution by the Daily Mail

Photo, The Wood Class

Video, Grisel Martin-Leal


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