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Larchmont’s Centennial Celebration Brings Small Businesses Together

LOS ANGELES, CA - Neighbors and community leaders gathered on Larchmont Boulevard to symbolically celebrate the centennial birthday of the shopping block. It's a place where local Angelenos can gather for lunch and check out the Larchmont Farmers Market every Sunday and support small businesses.

Guest speakers such as Councilmember Nithya Raman were proud to see the community join as one and become a support system for each other in the growth of their businesses.

"It is you who brings that sense of community to this, and for me as your representative I'm just incredibly grateful to play a part in keeping it vibrant and keeping it thriving, and to support you as much as I can," said Raman.

Patty Lombard is the Co-publisher of the Larchmont Buzz, and someone who has been active in neighborhood issues. Patty has been supporting small businesses for years by publishing their local activities.

"It’s really a challenging time for people in the retail business, so we hope that people will support the stores and the businesses on Larchmont," said Lombard.

Hundreds of small businesses build their brands by setting up their handmade creations like organic fruits and vegetables, pastries, flowers, jewelry, and much more. They say their creations are full of love and sold with pride, something that the community enjoys seeing when hard work is put into the establishments.

Carlos Vega is a business owner who moved from Argentina many years ago. He started “Color Corners” in 2017, making handmade acrylic artwork from his apartment.

“It’s all about a technique I developed. It’s about fluid acrylics, and I used different paints," said Vega.

Larchmont is a hidden gem that has been a historical part of Los Angeles. Fast forward a century later, this much-loved community is still going strong.

Video Credit: Discover Los Angeles

Video Credit: Mary Paronyan

By: Mary Paronyan.

With Contributions From: Nithya Raman, Patty Lombard, Carlos Vega, Discover Los Angeles.

Video: Discover Los Angeles, Mary Paronyan.

Photo: Mary Paronyan

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