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May Day March

By Noe Ortega

LOS ANGELES, CA - On International Workers Day –known as May Day – marchers were supporting workers they believe are unprotected by local and state governments. Workers and supporters marched all over the world.

Photo credit: Noe Ortega

Pro-worker Activist like Luis Avila said marches like the ones on May 1st, are what gives undocumented workers the ability to voice their opinion.

“We want to be part of this system. We want to invest into this country, we want to generate jobs. In some way we want to be part of the system and that’s what we’re fighting for.” Avila said.

Photo credit: Noe Ortega

There were flags of countries like Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvado and the USA. A group called the ANSWER coalition helped organize the march. Kameron Hurt of the ANSWER coalition said there are similarities between Black Lives Matter protests and these May Day marches.

“Police brutality generally kills workers. It’s not like bosses and CEO’s are the main ones that suffer from police brutality. It’s not them constantly being harassed by the police.” Hurt said.

Marchers said they want equality in the workplace. One company, Amazon said it wants a workplace that’s diverse and welcoming for employees.

Thomas Centeno, from Animation Guild, said that some workers are essential for companies and nations. He said, “when we say workers make society run, it means that we recognize that all workers internationally, nationally help our society work together.”

Street vendors were present, following the marchers and selling food and drinks to everyone.

The protest started on Broadway and Olympic and ended in front of Los Angeles City Hall where marchers stayed to listen to speakers from Keep LA Housed.

Video credit: Noe Ortega

Video credit: WION

Audio credit: Noe Ortega

By: Noe Ortega

Audio Credit: Noe Ortega

Photo Credit: Noe Ortega

Video Credit: Noe Ortega, WION


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