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Meat Consumption

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

NORTHRIDGE, CA – Many individuals around the world consume red meat. Either in carne asada, bacon, steak, pork, etc. For years, it has been said that eating too much meat can cause harm. Recently, the Annals of Internal Medicine announced that people should not cut down eating unprocessed and processed meat.

Eating red meat can be beneficial. Meat can be a valuable source of nutrients, in particular protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Others believe that meat is not the only way of consuming protein.

Rosalia Garcia Torres Assistant Professor in the Food and Consumer Science at CSUN favors consuming less meat. She believes that people can get more benefit in protein from plant- based protein.

She said, “Fiber and other nutrients and meat gives you protein to, but it also increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.”

The number of ounces that people consume in meat are critical. Those who ate about 4 ounces of red meat a day were more likely to die of cancer or heart disease than those who ate the least, about a half-ounce a day.

Although there is a high risk of heart disease, weight gain, and colorectal cancer. People continue to purchase red meat.

With time meat production will continue to increase. In 2019 meat production in the U.S. is currently projected to reach another record level of 103.3 billion pounds, up 1.3 percent year over year.

Even in the cold days, the purchase of meat is demandingly high. Ziggy Hernandez is a business owner and meat seller. He says, carne ranchera is bought the most for its irresistible flavor.

He said, “The best selling meat is carne ranchera and it sold all year long even in the cold days.”

The amount on how much meat people should consume will be debatable.

By, Isa Garcia

With contribution by WebMD, World Cancer Research Fund, Drovers

Photo, Healthline


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