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Northridge 8th Grader Charged with Battery For Allegedly Pushing an Aid to Use the Bathroom

By Sonia Hiew

NORTHRIDGE, CA - A Northridge middle schooler was trying to use the bathroom. What he didn’t expect was to be charged with battery.

Photo Credit: Sonia Hiew, George K. Porter Middle School

Parents of George K. Porter Middle School 8th Grader Tomas Micheo said Micheo was charged with battery and suspended for allegedly pushing an aid to get into the school restroom after the aid refused to let him in.

“I tried squeezing through, cause there's obviously an opening through his arm. And when I was like here, like bent over, he kind of did this to me, like squeezing me against the wall,” Micheo said.

13-year-old Micheo said the aide blocked his entry to the restroom claiming LAUSD’s restroom policy only allows 3-4 occupants at one time. But Micheo says the bathroom was not full.

“There were only two kids inside,” said Micheo.

When asked about the unidentified aide’s actions, a school district spokesperson stated “… that the school administrative teams work hard to create a safe school environment that fosters respect, kindness and compassion...” and declined to comment on the specific incident.

Micheo’s father, Tomas Micheo, believes his son and thinks the district is being too harsh and unfair.

“To call the police, and to put him in the system now marked for life… I just don’t get it,” said Micheo’s father.

He said it has all affected his son’s self-esteem, affecting his grades.

“He wishes he was at school with his friends,” said Micheo’s father.

The 8th grader said he feels nervous about going back to school. He feels like other staff members are targeting him.

“She said to me like ‘No pushing today OK?’ like kind of teasing me about it,” said Micheo.

Micheo’s father said when he asked the school for an investigation report, he was told there was none.

Sonia Hiew video report

By Sonia Hiew

Contributions: George K. Porter Middle School, Tomas Micheo and his father

Photo: Sonia Hiew

Video: Sonia Hiew


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