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Pacoima Food Banks Hit By Inflation

By Isabella Warren

PACOIMA, CA - At Valley Food Bank in Pacoima, volunteers are stocking trucks to be sent off to their sister locations across San Fernando.

Photo Credit: Isabella Warren, Volunteers at Valley Food Bank pack produce

Jeremiah Booth is the Director of Valley Food Bank. He says there's been a huge uptick of those in need. The company “went from feeding 5053 families to now feeding 500.” Booth says he believes inflation and covid are to blame

With current inflation and the growing number of those in need, the director says their stock is getting hit. He says, "They’ve been getting less food, especially with inflation affecting milk, eggs, and butter.” And urged, “People need these things and we’re trying hard to provide.”

CalFresh users have been hit with a huge drop in benefits. The Covid-19 relief fund gave users 300-dollar-a-month benefits. Those were expected to be reduced to just 23-dollars-a-month by March. Booth is preparing for more families to need help. He says, "Families who are already struggling are going to get hit with this and have to deal with even more."

Isabella Warren video report

By Isabella Warren

Contributions: Valley View Food Bank, CalFresh

Photo: Isabella Warren

Video: Isabella Warren


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