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Painted Lady Parlor: Women in Tattoos

By Dominique Silva

CULVER CITY, CA – The Painted Lady LA is a Black woman owned tattoo parlor with a mission to be a place for women to be comfortable and showcase their tattoo talents. Owner Autumn Armstrong said, “The tattoo industry is so male dominated and there really didn’t seem to be a place for women.”

Photo Credit: Dominique Silva

Women make up nearly half of the world’s population, yet in many industries they are underrepresented in the workforce. Also, in the tattoo industry many women are discriminated against as they tend to be hired only “counter girls,” instead of working as tattoo artists.

The Painted Lady LA welcomes women tattoo artists and wants them to be empowered and free from discrimination. The business brings in women from many different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Tattoo artist Kelly Ramirez was given an opportunity to use her talents while still learning in a stress-free and positive environment.

“Honestly I’ve loved art since I was little, my mom and my aunt, that’s how I got into it, they’re old school taggers and stuff like that and I love their artwork,” Kelly said.

The Painted Lady LA sponsors art exhibits where the artists receive full commission and pay nothing to the parlor. They also hold self-defense classes hosted by MMA Women.

Allowing women to come in and feel comfortable with their bodies, mind and soul is something Armstrong said she is proud of.

“I am so humbled to be honest with you because like you know you might have a vision and a plan for your life but to see people respond to it the way you hoped they would, it’s been so humbling,” she said.

Women owned business revenues rose 68% in 2019. There has been an increase in women and diverse owned small businesses since the pandemic.

Video Credit: Dominique Silva

By Dominique Silva

Contributions from The Painted Lady LA, CNBC

Video Credit: Dominique Silva

Photo Credit: Dominique Silva


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