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Pandemic Puts A Hold On Most Sports, But Not Golf

GRANADA HILLS, CA - Golf is one of the most popular sports that people have taken up during the pandemic. It is a sport that can be to be played while following COVID-19 protocols. Golf courses, especially in Southern California, have been busy since not too many other businesses have been open. However, businesses such as fitness centers and restaurants are opening up again and that may reduce the crowds at golf courses.

Photo, Adam Roman

The Knollwood Golf Course in Granada Hills has been open during the majority of the pandemic. It had to adapt to the necessary protocols to stay open. Some of the changes that have been implemented at Knollwood Golf Course are regular sanitation of golf carts and face covering requirements. Knollwood Golf Course Manager, Glen Melnaick, says that he feels safe when he is working.

“No one can come in here without a facemask. I wear a facemask and that makes me feel pretty safe,” said Melnaick.

There have been a large amount of people coming in and out of the golf course, so Knollwood Golf Course requires all customers to practice social distancing. The course temporarily closed its chipping and putting greens to prevent people from being in close contact with each other. Also, there are limited amounts of mats for hitting golf balls at the driving range to ensure everyone’s safety. Knollwood customer, Shyan Chandiram, says he has had trouble getting a mat at the driving range.

“You have to get kind of lucky. I have been here a couple times the last couple weeks and I’ve had to actually return my ticket because I wasn’t able to find a spot after walking around for half an hour. So, it’s been kind of a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, but we try to make it work,” said Chandiram.

The biggest concern management at Knollwood Golf Course has is staying open so its customers can keep playing golf, but at the same time doing it as safely as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Video, Adam Roman

By Adam Roman

Photo, Adam Roman

Video, Adam Roman


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