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Professional Surfer Wastes No Time Teaching Surf Lessons

VENTURA, CA – This summer former professional surfer turned instructor, Mary Osborne, got right back to teaching the sport she loves after beaches re-opened following the latest COVID-19 closings.

Photo, Cindy Rodriguez

Osborne was born and raised on the 805’s coastline with the blue pacific as her backyard. Growing up with three older brothers, she found herself emulating their surfing habits. It was just a matter of time before a 12-year-old Osborne would learn to catch her first wave.

More than 23 years later with a lengthy list of accomplishments, the champion longboarder returned to her hometown of Ventura and started the Mary Osborne Surf Academy. She began the academy while on tour by dedicating a week of her summer to anyone who wanted to join. Osborne found herself booking two weeks to teach. That later lead to three, then four, and before she knew it, she was running a 15-week program.

“I really love sharing this with young kids, with anyone,” said Osborne. “It’s such a healthy sport to be out there.”

The sport also allowed her to be present in the lives of young surfers who wanted to make the sport their livelihoods. Osborne mentors her 18-year-old head instructor Alana Klassen, who is also driven to turn the sport into her profession. She, too, grew up in the beachside community.

“I’ve known Mary forever. I’ve always wanted to travel, and do what she does, so I just have to get out there and figure it out,” said Klassen. “Ever since I get in the water, I fell in love with it.”

California beaches have yet to fully shut down again amid the latest COVID-19 restrictions due to a fall spike in new daily cases. Governor Newsom and Ventura County officials have continued to remind those visiting beaches to maintain social distancing from others.

Video, Cindy Rodriguez

By Cindy Rodriguez Photo, Cindy Rodriguez Video, Cindy Rodriguez


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