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Restaurants Adjust to COVID-19 Protocols

CANOGA PARK, CA - Restaurants have been forced to adjust their operations since California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statewide mandate to close indoor dining. For Viva La Vida Mariscos’ co-owner Maria Preciado, the most difficult part about owning a restaurant during these times is making enough money to pay rent.

Photo, Amanda Alvarado

Some restaurants have closed permanently. Preciado has owned Viva La Vida for nearly 15 years, but when the pandemic started in March, she feared her place of business would also have to shut down.

Los Angeles County, along with other counties such as Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura, had previously permitted outdoor dining. For restaurants with outdoor seating the maximum capacity was limited to 50 percent.

Lately, business for Viva La Vida Mariscos has been unpredictable. Preciado said she misses being able to offer customers better hospitality services.

“Interact with the people and offer better service because one now can't do that because we are not able to get too close to one another,” said Preciado.

Lucy Enriquez, a frequent customer, thinks it is safe eating at the restaurant despite COVID-19 restrictions.

“I feel safe because I see that everyone’s taking the precautions with gloves, with the mask, they have hand sanitizer at the entrance, and they’re keeping their distance with the customers so it's like every other business,” said Enriquez.

Video, Amanda Alvarado

By Amanda Alvarado

Photo, Amanda Alvarado

Video, Amanda Alvarado


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