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Rideshare Safety

NORTHRIDGE, CA - It has never been easier to get around with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. These companies are available for customer service at any time. However, using a rideshare may not always be the safest way to get to ones destination. Full time Lyft driver Kylan Green has driven thousand of passengers. He solely drives in the Los Angeles area. He says "Passengers should always, before they get in the car, check the make and model of the vehicle. They should check the name and ask the driver, 'Who are you here for?'"

Photo By Davis Paul Morris

Passengers are not the only ones who may feel unsafe during a ride. Marlen Banuelos uses Uber and Lyft as a ride home after a night out. She has never had any negative experience with a driver. She says "I think if you're going to be an Uber driver or a Lyft driver you should also know yourself what you're getting yourself into."

Uber and Lyft both offer alternatives to taxis and transportation services. Both companies give passengers a convenient way to request and pay for rides through their smartphones. The companies have differences in their service areas, offerings, and culture. Each company's drivers are independent contractors. Even if a customer uses the same service in the same city, the trip will always be different.

It is very simple to apply to be a driver. All an applicant has to do is submit a driver's license with documents. Applicants must then pass a formal background check. Once the application is clear, the applicant will receive a package.

The applicant can start driving at this time. There is no formal interview. For this reason, it might be too easy for anyone to start driving with a rideshare company.

Lyft driver Kylan Green says "We should have fingerprinting and thorough background checks. There's a lot of cracks, and a lot of criminals fall in the cracks."

Uber and Lyft implement safety features like two way rating and real time location. Both companies websites’ state they are committed to safety.

Video Credit: Emily Brubaker

A List of Safety Tips for Rideshare Passengers


By Emily Brubaker

With contributions from Investopedia, Uber, Lyft

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