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Social Media

NORTHRIDGE, CA - Most students at California State University Northridge seem to stay on their phones, even while they’re walking. The way people communicate has changed, especially within millennials and Gen Z.

Photo by, BigTuneOnline/Shutterstock

Different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are each used for a different purpose. A study done by the American Press Institute says that Facebook is the most used platform for news. One CSUN student, Rebeca Garcia didn’t agree with the study, “I would say that it’s not to accurate. I would see why they would say that . . . [but] Instagram is more popular among CSUN students.”

She wasn’t the only one who dismissed the study. CSUN student Marcos Magana says it’s for old people, “I’ve only seen my mom use it and other people like that, her friends, and my aunties and stuff. I haven’t had a friend ask me for my Facebook in a long time.”

While Millennials use Facebook for family friendly content, they use Snapchat for the complete opposite. Students think the Snapchat 24-hour erase feature is what makes it safe post NSFW content. Unlike, on Facebook or Instagram.

The biggest platform for breaking news is Twitter. The way users interact with one another and use the platform makes it accessible for videos and pictures to go viral within seconds. The a trending page makes it easy for users to find out what’s going around them locally and globally with a single to tap.

As social media evolves so do the users. Although, many social media platforms provide the same tools for communication, users find different content to post on each one.

By, Luisa Rodriguez

With contributions from The American Press Institute, Pew Research Center

Photo, BigTuneOnline, Shutterstock

Video, Luisa Rodriguez


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