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Social Media and the Taco Business

El Monte, CA – In this new age of digital media, it has become a very important piece in how small businesses market themselves and set themselves up to compete with bigger chains. Oli’s Tacos is doing their part every day as they try to build themselves up and expand across in the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley.


Thriving as a restaurant inside a mall can be a difficult task. You aren’t the only option available and you’re not the main reason why people are there. Reports estimate that only 40 percent of consumers will pick a mall based on the food located inside the mall. Jose Lugo, catering and social media manager for Oli’s Tacos, believes that getting noticed on social media and convincing people to try their food before they even reach the mall is a key to success.

“Social media does have a big presence and role,” said Lugo. “Our pictures speak for themselves on social media. Our food looks delicious and tastes better, so it helps out.”

The company originally started in Montclair and then opened up a sister location in West Covina as they try to dive into the San Gabriel Valley’s market. A 2018 report estimates that by 2020, there will be three times as many food halls across the country at retail properties. This is why Lugo is trying to get ahead of the curve and get as many people as possible, particularly with a strong social media following, to help in getting the restaurant attention.

“I guess they’re called influencers nowadays or celebrities with a lot of followers,” said Lugo. “You always want to bring them out because they have a big following and if they endorse your product it puts the spotlight on you and it helps you grow.”

By Alana Cardoza

With contributions from Forbes, Oli's Tacos

Photo by, InsideSocial

Video, Alan Cardoza

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