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Stop Bullying: A Workshop for Kids

By Lupita Baltazar

STUDIO CITY, CA - Nearly one in five students are bullied each year and parents are becoming eager to teach their children about confidence and self-defense. A Jiu Justice workshop is not only providing techniques to ground students but to stand up for themselves.

Photo Credit: Lupita Baltazar, Will Robinson coach of the workshop warming up

The Bully Safe Workshop helps prevent children from getting bullied or attacked.

Adrienne Madolora, a mother of two, shared a bullying experience her son had to go through, pushing her to enroll.

“So my son had a couple of experiences earlier in the year and we were trying to at home explain to them you know bend time," said Madolora. "Well okay, next time you know stand up for yourself or tell him to stop or tell them no or whatever else.”

The workshop teaches children the triangle of confidence and how to use their voice. All while gaining knowledge about bully-safe self-defense techniques.

Will Robinson was the coach of the workshop.

”People are gonna bully it’s never gonna go away. It never has and it never will. So you gotta make sure as a parent, you are not saying 'Oh it’s gonna be better'," said Robinson. "You gotta- right away- as early as you can get your kid into some activities where they are gonna get confidence.”

National Center for Educational Statistics reports one in five students have experienced bullying. Prevention starts with resolving without the response to violence. Parents play a key role to help build a solution for bullying.

Lupita Baltazar video report

By Lupita Baltazar

Contributions: National Center for Educational Statistics

Photo: Lupita Baltazar

Video: Lupita Baltazar


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