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The LA Armenian Community Shows Solidarity as Military Conflict Continues

LOS ANGELES, CA - Thousands of supporters of the Armenian community protested in solidarity with the region. On Oct.12 they marched from Pan Pacific Park to the Turkish Consulate in Beverly Hills.

Photo, Liliana Ramirez

Armenia is in a military conflict with Azerbaijan over the region Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as Artsahk. Artsahk’s population is 99 percent Armenian.

Los Angeles City Council District 4’s David Ryu says the military conflict could lead to a similar genocide that took more than one million Armenian lives in 1914.

“The United States must stand with Armenia, Artsahk and the Armenian-Americans because this aggression smells of the genocide of a century ago and we can’t let that happen again in this time,” said Ryu.

Azerbaijan is allied with Turkey, who encouraged their attack on Artsahk. The aggression began on Sept. 27. Azerbaijan bombed civilians, churches and schools in Artsahk. The region announced more than a thousand troops and 50 civilians were killed in the attacks.

According to the New York Times, cities in Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia have been hit by long-range weaponry fired by combatants on both sides.

The Armenian community wants the war against Artsahk to stopped to bring peace to the area. In addition, they want Artsahk to finally be recognized as its own country.

Armenian protestors said they want to make it clear that they are not the offenders. Protestor Margarita Kochinyan said she wants the media to report the truth. She does not want the media to simply repeat what Azerbaijan and Turkey are reporting in their news.

“They’re telling everyone that Armenia is the aggressor even though the population of Armenia is just 3 million people when the population of Azerbaijan and Turkey together is like 90 million people, and Armenia can’t be the aggressor of that,” said Kochinyan

The Armenian community protestors said they will protest every day until they see peace between Azerbaijan and Atrsahk.

Video, Liliana Ramirez

By Liliana Ramirez

Contributions, The New York Times

Photo, Liliana Ramirez

Video, Liliana Ramirez


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